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How poor is Spider-Man?

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If the god give you a chance to choose, which super hero do you most want to be?

I want to be a superman, because he will fly, and he will be infinite.

I want to be Batman, the only super power is to have money.

I want to be a spider...

What does Spiderman mean? My first thought was not the speed and passion of moving between buildings, but the endless rent, the inexhaustible subway, and the heroic mission of a civilian looking down. Even Spider-Man didn't want to be Spider-Man.



Then the question is coming, how poor is Spiderman?


In 1962, Spider-Man Peter Parker was born. The original intention of Mr.Stanley to create Spider-Man was to bring readers a more secular young hero. After all, the mainstream heroes at that time were too perfect, and the story lacked the civilian perspective and the vitality of the times. Even the young heroes, such as Baki and Robin, were the vassals of mainstream heroes.


And the emergence of Spider-Man just fills this vacancy. The Spider-Man who debuts in the normal position with the heroes of the heroes is completely different from the superheroes who always look at the beings in the sky. He is more grounded and more aura. This means that Spider-Man, like most straight men, must face "three major troubles in life" - girls, dollar, and days.


The most terrible of these is the dollar.


This scene comes from the second words of "Avenger V5." In order to strengthen the team's recruitment, the re-election will open a price code for each candidate that they cannot refuse.


Tony said that there have good wine, and Wolverine said to leave.


Tony said that there have dollar, Spider-Man say "OH MY GOD" and I am are yours.


At the bottom of the story, both parents died. Peter had to tighten his belt to live with him since he was a child. After his uncle’s departure, Peter and Mei’s mother became the pillars of this family.




He commutes to work by bus every day, just to save money and filial piety.



But in order to make money to buy the silk silk production materials, he had to sacrifice time with his family.


When he was in the field, he still had to protect his shirt at all times, and he was cutting his flesh in a broken line.



When I think of "Iron Man 3", Tony is not guilty of blowing up 30 sets of armor for the Bomei people. It is really no harm without comparison.

In the "Civil War" story line, Peter once liquidated personal deposits. His current savings were only $11,273.47, Peter was already a married man...

Peter also taught the children of the Avengers Academy. He took the chalk and wrote "eight-character " on the blackboard. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.



I don’t think the students don’t agree with this idea. The problem is quite sharp: “Why don’t you be an artist to get some quick money? Money can help you fight crime better, and you can donate it to charity. With money, you still have money. Can you help African people fight malaria, and fight in New York and the electric light to save tens of thousands of lives?"

The little spider said: "This question is a bit superb, the next one..."


So, is the little spider poor because there is no business mind?


In "Fantastic Spider-Man" V4, Little Spider finally realized his own job. He set up his own "Parker Technology" company, which is equivalent to Apple in Marvel Comics. Its technology products have entered thousands of households. The department is spread all over the world.


From then on, he became a "poor Toni Stark", became the CEO, and the eagle-eyed wife - the sound of the bird eyebrows, the head and the cast, the successful king of the king gas.

But in the 31st words, in order not to let the company fall into the hands of Dr. Octopus and Hydra, Parker personally ruined the future of Parker Technology, and once again rolled back to the rental house in downtown, even the girlfriend "sound bird" Go away from him. Peter, who fell to the bottom, is in desperate need of a new job to be able to survive.



Guess what his new job is? Yes, he went back to the horn daily newspaper and started the editor again... And then the story tells us that Parker Technology is not actually established by Peter himself, but the octopus doctor who exchanged his body with him.


It seems that the lack of business-minded people, Peter can not be picked up in this life, don't forget, before he became a CEO, as a genius scientist, he is walking the wild path of net red - shoot spider The exclusive photo of Man is sold to the horn daily.

A freelance photographer like Peter, who earns about $41,000 a year in the United States, meets the landlord’s old money like his boss, and his annual salary is far from this figure.


In addition, the photos taken by Peter are often is bad, because his camera is hidden in the waist, it is very inconvenient to use, once you forget to open the camera, no matter how good it is before and the villain, it is also in vain. For example, the picture below.

Perhaps a high quantity of the spiderman's custom statue can better meet his requirements.


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Product Name: How poor is Spider-Man?

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