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9 differences between Marvel and DC (I)

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When Greek meets Greek then comes the tug-of-war,This sentence is used to describe the competitive relationship between Marvel DC, and it is appropriate.

As the two leading bosses of the American comic book industry, the commercial war between Marvel and DC has not stopped since the day of birth.

use the sales, box office and word of mouth to win the game.

So, what is the difference between Marvel DC?Is Marvel and DC's development to the current situation related to their respective corporate culture?

Below I will give you a comprehensive inventory of the nine major differences between Marvel and DC.


Marvel started its own business in 2005, was acquired by Disney in 2009, and DC officially became a Warner subsidiary in 1989.


Disney implements a stocking policy for the MCU. Marvel Pictures, like Lucas Studios and Pixar, has full creative freedom and dominant power. Disney only intervenes when it seriously affects the company's interests.For example, the director of James Gunn who was recently expelled, such as the original director of "The Ant-Man" -Edgar Howard Wright Jr

Warner's side is a captive policy. DCEU's film content is completely based on high-level decision making. For example, the suicide squad is added to the comedy section. For example, two directors with different styles direct the "Justice League."


As an old-fashioned film factory, Warner has a lot of IP and cash cows besides DC. When DC is failed, they don't feel bad. Shooting the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter can also make money.This is why, after the "Batman and Robin" in 1997 frustrated the whole industry, the reason for the new work "Catwoman" came out after 7 years.

In February of this year, Warner even knew that the Justice League would fail, but did not make the worst plans.

Marvel, as a newcomer to the copyright producers' transitional filmmakers, has only one card of Marvel Heroes in their hands. Naturally, it will be responsible for it, and it is more reasonable than Warner in the planning of the film universe.

04.Word of mouth

From the Douban score, the most eye-catching Wonder Woman in DCEU has only ranked 10th in recent years. The remaining 9 are either Batman, Superman, or the adaptation of Nolan Batman and Alan Moore's graphic novels. No one is a DCEU movie.DCEU's foreign media score is even worse. Except for Wonder Woman, the rest of the films failed in either MTC or Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 48% freshness and 52 points respectively.

In contrast, the play of Marvel movies is relatively stable. Among the top ten Marvel movies in Douban, Flowserve, Sony, and MCU films are all exposed, with MCU movies in the majority.Foreign media also have a high degree of tolerance for MCUs. Rotten tomatoes and MTC have an average score of 84% and 68 points.

It is worth mentioning that Warner holds a 30% stake in rotten tomatoes, and rotten tomatoes have nothing to do with Disney.

From the Douban scores of all films of Marvel DC, the top 5 works are

5.(Watchmen)、(Avengers: Infinity War)、(X-Men: Days of Future Past) 8.2

4.(Batman Begins)、(Wolverine)8.3

3.(The Dark Knight Rises) 8.6

2.(V for Vendetta)8.8

1.(The Dark Knight) 9.1

It can be seen that DC's works are all independent of the graphic novels outside the film universe, or the author's pan-commercial films. Today, Marvel has been cosmopolitanized, Foss has been acquired, and Sony is busy expanding. The lack of perfect works in Marvel movies will continue in the short term.

to be continued...


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Product Name: 9 differences between Marvel and DC (I)

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