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ABS resin

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ABS resin is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, which is a bulk general-purpose resin. After modification (adding additives or alloys, etc.) to improve performance, ABS belongs to engineering plastics, ABS alloy has large output, many types, and wide applications. , is the main modified plastic.
ABS is light yellow granular or beaded opaque resin, non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption, has a good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, such as excellent electrical properties, wear resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and surface gloss, etc. And easy processing and molding. The disadvantages are weather resistance, poor heat resistance, and flammability.
ABS/PC alloy is used to improve the flame retardancy of ABS. It has good mechanical strength, toughness and flame retardancy. It is used in building materials, automotive and electronic industries, such as televisions, office automation equipment housings and telephones. PC contribution in ABS/PC alloy heat resistance, toughness, impact strength, strength flame retardancy, ABS advantages for good processability, apparent quality and low density, with auto parts as the application focus.
ABS/PA alloys are impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, fluid, and heat-resistant materials used in automotive interior trims, power tools, exercise equipment, lawn mowers, snow blowers and other industrial components, and office equipment enclosures.
ABS/PBT alloy has good heat resistance, strength, chemical resistance and fluidity, suitable for automotive interior parts, motorcycle outer cushions and so on.
The antistatic agents used for permanent antistatic grades include paper-transmitting mechanisms such as copiers and facsimile machines, IC chip holders, video recordings and advanced audio tapes, etc., as well as ABS/PSU, ABS/EVA, ABS/PVC/ PET, ABS/EPDM, ABS/CPE, ABS/PU alloys.
The high-gloss ABS is used in household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, fans, air conditioners, and telephones. It is achieved by controlling rubber particle size R+ (smaller) in ABS. Low-gloss ABS is used in automotive interiors such as dashboards, instrument covers, and pillars. Parts, with the method of adding coarse fillers to microscopically shrink the surface, reduce the surface gloss.

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Product Name: ABS resin

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