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When Batman became the strongest god, he…(I)

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To say that Batman has the strongest performance in DC comics several times, the chair of Anti-Monitor must be counted once. This time, the master has not only high-tech products, but more importantly, this auxiliary is more super, he became a bat god.

This story took place during the Ward Wars, when the anti-monitor and the apocalyptic tyrant Darkseid launched a world war.

Our Justice League was defeated in the battle against the anti-monitor. At the time of the crisis, Metron appeared in a proper way, and with the heroes fled to the shrines where Shazan was given divine power to hide.

Metron told everyone that relying on the Mobius chair, he could know everything about the past and the present in this universe.

The new gods are eager for knowledge, and this chair fulfills his desire for infinite knowledge of the universe and gives him the power of his power.

Unfortunately, Metron was not as strong as he thought he could, and even the help of a god chair could not save him.

haven't waited for Metron to start verbosing.The Wonder Woman who was impatient was directly tied to his body with a Truth Lasso.

“How do i get the information I need to stop the anti-monitor?”

“you c-can`t...stop it.”

Under the influence of the lasso, Metron's willpower is gradually weak.

“take this chair from me”

“You hand over the chair to me!”

Diana took the opportunity to make the Metron fly away from Mobius's chair, and the lost master's chair also began to move, ready to go looking for a new owner. ”

At this moment, before the heroes reacted, Batman sat in the chair, and the dazzling energy exploded from his body!

The chair of Mobius, who has the new owner, immediately told Bruce about everything that happened in the universe at this moment.

However, the skeptical batman did not feel relieved. He directly asked who the murderer of his parents had been murdered in the year. After all, there were very few insider.

The god chair almost came to the answer in an instant.

“Yes,yes,Joe Chill,that`s right”

Convinced with the omniscient power of the chair, Batman immediately asked the question that had plagued him for many years: "What is the real name of the clown?"

“No...that`s not possible”

But who Joker is, he didn't say anything.

Before the friends were speechless, Batman smiled slightly.

“I am a GOD now”

After receiving Super Assist, Batman, the god of knowledge, decided to go to the depths of the multiverse with Green Lantern to explore the secret of defeating the anti-monitor.

 In the end, they found the truth on the anti-monitor's parent star, "Kovad Star": the anti-monitor's real name is Mobius, and he is the creator of this omniscient chair;

To be continuing

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Product Name: When Batman became the strongest god, he…(I)

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