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When Batman became the strongest god, he…(II)

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After that, Bruce returned to his eternal hometown, Gotham City.

With the omnipotence of Mobius, he is determined to use this to completely eradicate evil.Because the chair gave the Batman the ability to read other people's brains, he did not wait for the crime to happen, he directly threw the person into the police station.

But the problem is also coming out:If there is no real crime, it cannot be arbitrarily detained.Our poor Gordon Sergeant had to put all these people back to Gotham City.

In the rescue of Gotham, Bruce first threw a juvenile offender who was trying to rob the club to Antarctica.Later, the man who tried to murder his ex-wife was thrown to the Amazon Paradise Island and taught the female warriors to deal with it.

But sadly, even if he had the power of the gods, he was the fragmented boy many years ago, and he never really came out of the shadow.

So Bruce decided to travelling through time and go back to the past to stop Joe Zill from murdering his parents in the sin lane.

It was still the dirty alley, the man who looked hideous, and his parents, isolated and helpless. 

Bruce struggled to stop the bullet, but he couldn't stop the bullet from taking the life of his parents. Just as he was, he could do nothing.


“take me to him”


Bruce, who was instantly transferred to the cell, immediately subdued Ziel and set up a barrier to block all the outward propagating sounds.

Looking at Joel’s terrifying magic, Bruce is very curious.

Like him, he is so inactive,Why is he living?

In a blink of an eye, the two came to the crime alley.

Bruce wondered what he thought at the beginning.

Listening to Zil`s look back on how to shooting dead the Wayne couple,Listening to Ziel describing how to he ravage on the other life in Gotham City.

Batman was furious, he pulled off his mask and shouted to Joe Ziel:

“I am the child you killed they in here with your own hands!”

Yeah,after many years,little boys grow up,he become a god,And the gods will never be kind to the antsThe gods will only judge everything.

If he is willing,All prisoners in this prison will know that This sad Joe Ziel is the chief culprit in the creation of Batman.

He needs Ziel to remember this fear of deep bone marrow,He needs Ziel to experience the kind of despair, panic, and pain.

But he is Bruce Wayne after all, he will never commit a killing.

With a wave, wipe out Ziel’s memory and let the man faint in horror.

to be continue.....

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Product Name: When Batman became the strongest god, he…(II)

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