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When Batman became the strongest god, he…(III)

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After returning to the bat cave,Alfred Pennyworth warned him to hurry down from the chair,So as not to be hurt by its.

No matter how he struggled to get up, the chair would hold him firmly.The chair of Mobius has never the master who is initiative and resistant to his consciousness.

The collision of the two consciousness gradually makes the anti-phasic of the chair more intense,let him bleed from his nose.But Bruce is not willing to give up,The life he saved in the night, the criminals he caught, prevented more cases than he had added in the past month.

But this does not mean that Batman can always sit in the chair of the omniscient.In the following battles, he attempted to dig deep into the hidden secrets of Paradise Island and search for the answer in a high-intensity consciousness of the chair.However, mortals like him can't afford such a powerful cosmic high after all.

Finally, Hal Jordan handed over the green light ring,Let Bruce's powerful willpower break free from the restraint of the chair by the power of the light ring,Ended the devour of Mobius.

But at this time, the evil version of Batman "Owlman" from the 3rd Earth squatted in the gap, grabbed the chair of Mobius and flew away from the earth.

Mobius's chair is no longer the Justice League can intervene.

But for Batman, it's far from over.

When he asked the real name of the clown, the chair did not tell him the name.

Only replied: "There are three clowns."

On the moon, the Owlman who just fled the battlefield is discussing the chair with the chair’s superior host Mitteron.The proud and arrogant self-proclaimed brain is far better than Batman.

Owlman ignores Mitteron’s warning,Trying to use the power of the chair to explore the ultimate mystery of the universe,But everything is late, and the power of God is falling.

“he`s here.he`s.....”

The voice did not fall, the glare of the blue light skyrocketed, annihilating everything.

On the chair of Mobius, there was only one pool of blood and smoke.

The end

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Product Name: When Batman became the strongest god, he…(III)

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2/F,1st Building, No.57 -1 Huancheng South Rd, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China

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