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“Digital Baby”, Statue of Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex

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All kinds of digital babies in the Japanese animation Digital Baby Adventure have evolved in battle and become more and more handsome. Domestic Statue Studio dimensional Power is about to sell a statue of a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex, which fires missiles from its chest and is very handsome when it opens its mouth to make a big move. In front of the mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex, the eight gods also fought with it against the enemy. The statue is also equipped with two organic missiles, two missile tracks, smoke, chest open replacement, mouth flame replacement, the playability is also quite high.


It is reported that the production of the "Digital Baby dare" mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex statue about 45 centimeters high, the price is 2380 yuan. At the moment. "Digital Baby Adventure" mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex statues have begun to book, interested friends can consider collecting. Contact us can customize various types of animation character statues, let you collect different animation models.


"Digital Baby", also known as "Digital Baby dare", is an adaptation of the TV animation series based on the video game series of the same name owned by Wandai, Japan, and produced by the animation studio of Dongying Company. The plot of this film continues from the movie Digital Baby, which was released in March 1999. It tells the fantasy adventure story of eight children, such as Taichi Ishida and Wu Zhi Nesuna, who accidentally entered the online world and accompanied by the companion digital baby.


To learn more about custom anime characters or anime collections, you can contact our customer service staff to customize different character statues that belong to your favorite. Shenzhen New Mattel Toy Model Design Co., Ltd., welcome to inquire

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Product Name: “Digital Baby”, Statue of Mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex

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