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Marvel’s screenwriter confirmed: The Hulk is not a Loki pretending?

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The article is based on an interview with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the core screenwriters of "Avengers 3" and "Avengers 4".

The sacrifice of Marvel’s half hero comes from the writing of both of them.

I have conducted a multi-party search and I have seen several versions of several author. The article on this website is a more comprehensive version. The is website address:


General meaning

 The new one

Thanos can kill Hulk easily even do not use gems

The new two

Why does Hulk hide, don’t fight with the tyrants first, but wait for the death of so many hero, and then fight it with the tyrants?

Answer: It is to prepare for a secret blow to the tyrant!

As a result, the tyrants were too strong,so the Hulk was afraid to appear after being defeated.


In order to successfully attack, half of the heroes will be ok?

The new three

Question:Why can't Banna become a Hulk?

Answer:Banner has only been using Hulk to fight. Hulk has been fed up enough to always do like he has been reluctant to appear.

Then summarize it

The original title of this article is "The tyrant does not use gems, but also can kill the Hulk." The scriptwriter in the whole article only explains "Why the Hulk is hidden? Why is Hulk not coming out?"

The writers did not show exactly what the "Hulk is not Rocky disguise." We can only guess from the side, they want to show that "Do not doubt, Our Hulk is the real Hulk."

But this is only a side guess, not an official proof.

more importantly

we should not forget that many media reports have also been reported before the release of "Avengers 3", saying that the two core screenwriters have said that "there will be one or three major role sacrifices in the Avengers3."


At that time, we did not find information on the English website. I am not sure if there is a similar screenwriter interview. But in the country, it is full of enthusiasm. For a time everyone is guessing which main character will sacrifice.

But what about the results?


Even the official trailer of "Avengers 3" has a lot of wrong information.

So, can you expect the official screenwriters of the two works of "Avengers 3" and "Avengers 4" to tell you the truth, or can you judge the true plot trend? The writers are must know how to put the smoke bombs.

The more you guess, the more exciting it is. if you know the all, what is the fun of watching movies? This is the charm of Marvel movies!

There are different of opinions.

At the moment, the idea that "The Hulk is Rocky" is subdivided into three options:

Loki camouflage theory,Loki disguised Hulk,want to have story in the Avengers 4

Loki suspended animation,Loki has no disguise, but the Thanos kill a Fake loki,Like the last episode of Thor 2, Loki must be alive.

Loki Sacrifice,In "Average 3", Loki really sacrificed his life for the space gem.

as a god of deception, he would be stupid enough to hit with the Thanos,It can be said this character was destroyed by Marvel's ten years of hard work.

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Product Name: Marvel’s screenwriter confirmed: The Hulk is not a Loki pretending?

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