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What should be paid attention to in the process of 3D printing of resin statues?

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Many friends want to customize a favorite animation character, but they know very little about anything but very little product information. 3D model printing is a way to produce animated characters, and printing animated characters is often more expensive than buying statues directly. 3D printing statues must first have 3D stereogram, and then print, and then color, can be said to be expensive and troublesome, so generally individual manufacturers do not support personalized customization, only support personalized customization, in order to accept customization services. To print an animated statue on a 3D printer, we need to pay attention to a few points.

Anime resin arts collectable

First of all, as a representative derivative of the quadratic economy, it is believed that many people have heard about the strength of the hand-run model as a representative derivative of the quadratic economy. Statues are divided into domestic and Japanese original, as more derivatives gradually appear in the market, continue to be loved and collected by different age groups. Domestic statues are, of course, cheaper, usually dozens to hundreds. Japanese original dress is more expensive, after all, there is a faith bonus, compared with the quality of domestic statues is also a certain difference. In addition to buying your own statues, you can also print statues in 3D. The following is to introduce the process of 3D model printing animation statues.

1. 3D modeling design.

First, the 3D modeler does the modeling and design, and the step is this, the modeler will design and model the animation character model you want on the computer.

2. 3D printing model.

Considering that there are many details involved in the portrait, the performance of the conventional FDM spinneret printer is really worrying, and the polishing effect required for later painting will not be good, so here decisively put on the SLA photosensitive resin machine, using the SLA industrial grade printer. Give me a recent photo of the finished product, and you can see that the details are basically out. The finished product of the printed model is about 20CM.

3. Color and assemble the model.

Through different paint characteristics, we can deepen and strengthen the extremely delicate skin texture and prop materials, so that the statue characters can be displayed with perfect texture and lifelike image. For example, the character's skin color requires solid color, shadow color, hands and face ruddy color, as well as the skin part of the blood vessel color, etc., after this treatment, the statue character appears vivid and full of vitality. After the paint is dry and then assembled, the 3D print animated statue is complete. Of course, if the 3D print animation statue does not exceed the maximum size of 3D model printing, you can also print the entire directly, eliminating the assembly link.

Because of the development of the Internet economy, whether it is the transmission speed of logistics, or the flow of funds, its value for goods and services is also higher and higher, it is greatly convenient for information transmission, so that animation customization is becoming more and more popular. For today's animation enthusiasts, professional customization has become the uniqueness of the product, which is what they want.

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Product Name: What should be paid attention to in the process of 3D printing of resin statues?

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