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What problems should be paid attention to in the creation of resin sculpture?

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With the development of resin sculpture art, especially the derivatives of the film and television industry frequently appear in our lives, such as: game character statues, animation figures statues, film figures statues and so on. These derivatives continue to promote the economy, while promoting the development of film and television culture. Cause enthusiasts of different ages to collect a variety of resin statues, these resin figure sculptures in the creation of what problems should be paid attention to?


Pay attention to the theme of realistic Sculpture

The theme of reality is the most primitive material in life, and it is also the material that is most likely to resonate with the soul. Dubrovupov once said that when you see the primitive facts of something in the real world around you, you have a strong feeling in your heart. Pay attention to this reality, and then explore the common meaning of similar scenes, project it into the depths of the soul, and then materialize external emotions, and finally form a typical, this is the process of artistic creation. In modern sculpture creation, we must pay close attention to people's living conditions in the real world, deeply understand their inner world, and explore the price of sculpture art creation.

Sculpture artists are always full of keen discoveries of the real world, vulnerable to emotional infection, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes happy, sometimes disgusting, and distinct emotional expressions, which also inspire the sculptor's unlimited passion. In the sculpture, they tell their views on real life, or love, or hate, or affirmation, or opposition, no matter what kind of artistic image, they will unreservedly express their most real thoughts.


Pay attention to the emotional accumulation of Sculpture

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The emotional expression of modern sculpture is the embodiment of the sculptor's personal spiritual world. The emotion in sculpture is a kind of deep emotion, which is the concentration of sculptor's perception, experience and aesthetic evaluation of life. For the creators of sculpture, in real life, we must pay attention to the accumulation of emotion, we will cast and refine emotion in our hearts, and transform it into emotion with philosophical temperament. Susan Langer once said that artists do not express their feelings like a sad politician or a child who can laugh or cry, but people who are disorganized and hidden in the eyes of ordinary people. The reality of sex is transformed into an intuitive and visible form, which is the process of objectification and materialization of the subjective spiritual world. Therefore, the artist's performance is only based on his own true feelings, but the first thing he has to express is the human emotion he is aware of.


Pay attention to the details of resin sculpture creation

As the creation of resin sculpture enters the substantive stage, in order to express the rich emotional world in the depths of the soul, we must work hard on the concept of sculpture and the communication of sculpture. The concept of sculpture is the perceptual cognitive activity of sculptors. It is gradually developed with the rational thinking activities such as analysis, synthesis, speculation and so on. Although it is not regular, it contains rational brilliance in the shaping of concrete image. The emergence of the concept of modern sculpture indicates that sculpture creation has entered a deeper stage.

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Product Name: What problems should be paid attention to in the creation of resin sculpture?

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