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How to properly preserve the beloved animation statue?

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Now a lot of animation derivatives have become a lot of "animation fans" favorite. After all, when we like a character, we buy the corresponding animated character statue. However, for the "novice", resin animation statues should be how to maintain and maintain, let me teach you a few correct maintenance methods.

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Those who do not know much about animation statues after buying, do not know how to maintain resin animation model, resulting in animation character model after a period of time will appear yellowing, oil and so on. Once these situations occur, it means that the statues purchased have been completely "destroyed". I believe that for those who like to understand animation statues, they do not want to see this phenomenon. After all, some people still regard animation resin statues as their "life."

1、Not under sunlight or ultraviolet light.
For valuable statues, if it is a PVC statue, once exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light, the statue will begin to turn yellow and greasy. Yellowing is just a change in the appearance of the statue, with a focus on "oil". This means that the soft and hard degree of the whole statue begins to change, which is completely different from the standard when the statue left the factory. Similarly, do not put the statue next to the small lamp we buy, it will also produce yellowing and grease. Anime statues made with GK are more resistant to the environment, but they should also be protected.


2、 Put it in the cupboard to ensure a cool environment

The purpose of putting animated statues in cabinets: to prevent dust and falling. First of all, in the better sealing cabinets, the statue will not be completely exposed to a large amount of dust in the air, can play a certain role in protection. At the same time, prevent the statue from being broken. The temperature required for the statue should not be too high, preferably in a cool environment, otherwise the statue will "melt" when heated and the loss outweighs the gain.


3、Keep the environment clean

Clean environment can reduce the interference of other substances, which will be more convenient for us to preserve anime statues. At the same time, reducing the movement of your statue is also a means of protection.

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Product Name: How to properly preserve the beloved animation statue?

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