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Custom statue makers,Anime resin arts collectable


When the punisher wears steel armor, the whole world must yield to him.(II)

When the punisher wears steel armor, the whole world must yield to him.(II)

He no longer needs to cover up.

In short, the country of Chenaya has no hope. This land has no more God's attention. Hell Lord Mephisto will hold Chenaia in his arms.

They provoked hell.The flames of the abyss will burn all the sinners.This is the purest sin and punishment, and the punisher will reap everything.

Frank first removed all nuclear bombs from the country.

Not only that, but he also slaughtered almost all the troops in Chenaia.

The Aegis defect agents and armor were also destroyed.The original mission is over, but Frank is like a wild horse, and can't stop.

He is a punisher.

As long as the sin is endless, he will kill forever.

The defect spy thought that using the electromagnetic pulse to destroy the operating system of the mech, the penalty armor of the punisher could be given, and they could give them a chance to win.

Big mistake!

He came here to kill them.

“you think that MAKES me more dangerous or less?”

The war eventually led to the dictator Petrov, who was confident that the armor would easily tear Frank's body.

Even in the later battles, the armor lost its power source, and Frank did not hesitate to challenge General Petrov’s Aegis armor with his physical body.

A stupid dictator, even with the most advanced armor, how could it be Frank's opponent?

Petrov’s dictatorship ended in by Frank in less than three weeks.

The real troubles also appeared when Frank returned to New York.A national leader was assassinated; war machine armor was stolen; punishers wore war machines to kill gangsters and super villains throughout New York.All the clues were presented to the Avengers and they decided to deal with this trouble.

The first to bear the brunt of the war machine's girlfriend surprise captain Carol.She still doesn't know the news of her boyfriend Rhodes' resurrection, so she is extremely angry at Frank, who used to be the captain of the Hydra, and who is wearing the armor of the boyfriend.

Two shockwaves burst open over New York, tearing up the quiet night.

This battle made all the heroes of New York aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Daredevil first came to discourage Frank.

“There is a lot of angry people looking for you”




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