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Resin Sculpture process and Market Development Prospect

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Resin sculpture generally takes resin, stone powder and color slurry as the main raw materials, hollow can fill resin waste, large resin sculpture generally uses resin waste as the main raw material. The core of the mold is made of high density foam or clay model, and then the mold is cast and molded. By transforming the sculpture art into three-dimensional sculpture image, all kinds of beautiful and lifelike film characters, game characters, animals and cartoon resin sculptures can be made, and all kinds of simulation effects can be made to achieve the function of artistic decoration.

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Resin sculpture can be made of ordinary water-based resin, silica gel is used to make the mold, and then put into the mold resin, mix the coagulant to make it cured. The color can do the spray paint or the color painting or the pattern later, also may purchase the color paste to join before the resin curing, but the defect color is less, the configuration is poor, the advantage is cheap, also can use the strong pigment, the color is bright, not suitable to fade.

The above expounds the process of how to do resin sculpture, and then analyzes the development prospect of resin sculpture. With the growth of home decoration and film and television culture industry, unlimited market potential has also brought broad development prospects to resin sculpture decoration.

It is also very popular in home accessories, which is not only closely related to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, but also affected by the "light decoration, heavy decoration" advocated by the design industry in recent years. Many citizens change the traditional concept before home decoration, the pursuit is too complex to decorate, but pay more attention to the later soft decoration, including the placement of resin sculpture and the collocation of indoor color, can reflect personality.

At the same time, in the field of film and television, it is also popular with enthusiasts. With the emergence of more and more animation, games and film works, the development of the whole animation and film image industry chain has been promoted. The animation culture with "creativity" as the core adds new vitality to our life with its unique form of expression. More and more film and television animation element derivatives appear in every corner of our life, and their derivatives are deeply loved and collected at different ages.

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Product Name: Resin Sculpture process and Market Development Prospect

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2/F,1st Building, No.57 -1 Huancheng South Rd, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China

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