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How is the resin statue produced?

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When it comes to the production process of resin statues, it is simply divided into four blocks: prototype development, painting, modification and confirmation, and mass production. Resin statues from the completion of the white mold, the need for craftsmen carefully polished, assembled, colored and a series of complex processes, and far more difficult than the general statue model production. Just from the point of view of painting, it requires a certain art skills and spray pen such as expensive painting tools.

resin anime statue mold

I. prototype development
Prototype development, as the name implies, is a prototype model for making statues. This step is the most critical step. In the statue industry, there is a classic saying: three colors, seven types, talking about the importance of archetypal creation. The prototype creation of statues usually must take into account the problem of post-production, so the overall center of gravity, detail depiction and other parts need to be as much as possible "can be produced in large quantities quickly and conveniently" as the principle.
II. Painting
This part is relatively simple, that is, according to the original painting to color the prototype. In this stage, whether the disassembly directly affects the large and small amount of painting work. Generally speaking, the most direct way to color is to spray paint with a gun.
III. Confirmation of modification

After the painting is completed, the statue needs to be confirmed as a whole, which is the last opportunity to modify the statue before the mass production. If it is not changed at this time, then the problems in the process of mass production can only be recognized.

IV. Mass production

This is another part that requires a lot of ink, which is simply based on the prototype of the statue for mass production. There are three common materials for statues-resin and ABS plastic PVC. These two materials have different characteristics, so the production process of large goods is also different.

anime statue model

Many people may think of the process of making resin prototypes above. Yes, this is also the production process of resin statues. To put it simply, the production process of resin statues is the process of constantly copying resin parts with silicone moulds. However, due to the high loss rate of silicone moulds, it is not suitable for mass production. In the process of resin statue model production, each link will affect the cost, but if the most weighted part is selected, it is prototype development and output. Prototype development determines the size of the statue and the number of details to be displayed. Generally speaking, the larger the statue, the more details, the more complex the painting, the higher the cost. The output determines the mold allocation and raw material cost, the larger the output, the lower the mold allocation cost, the lower the raw material cost, and the total cost of the whole. Of course, in addition to these two items, there is another cost that can not be ignored is the licensing fee of IP, but this varies from work to work, so it is not mentioned in detail.

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Product Name: How is the resin statue produced?

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