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Top 10 heroes in the wealth list, people with super powers, work harder than you! (II)

Top 10 heroes in the wealth list, people with super powers, work harder than you! (II)

Top4.Lex Luthor 75 billion

Sitting in the first commercial empire of the Metropolis - LEX CORP,Lex Luther can be said to be the richest man in Marvel.From the beginning of the aerospace project, Lex finally built the Lai Shi Group into a collection of airlines, petroleum, software and hardware development, chemistry, retail, bioengineering, weapons, medicine, communications, real estate, hotels, restaurants, media, finance, Express delivery, business in one,It can be said that everything is in the his hand.

Top3.Bateman 80 billion

The family of Batman, the Wayne Group, existed since the 17th century. After centuries of wealth accumulation,he has already been a rich man when our Bruce masters inherited.

The Wayne Group is a defense arms contractor, which is also the main source of Bruce's wealth, and the rest of the fields include aviation, bioengineering, botany, chemistry, electronics, entertainment, security, medical, industrial, manufacturing, mining, and film and television.Bruce and Lexus are not only enemies, but also competitors in the business war.

The Wayne Group is almost always managed by Lucius Fox from top to bottom, and Bruce is only responsible for spending money on equipment.


Top2.Iron man 100 billion

Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist,Tony, 15 years old, entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in electrical engineering and physics and graduated with a master's degree.After the death of his parents in a car accident, Tony inherited the family business - Stark Industries.

Stark Industries was founded in the 19th century and is also a weapons contractor for the defense sector.The S.H.I.E.L.D. spaceship and the Avengers’ QuinJet aircraft are all produced by Stark, and the Mecha is just a “hobby” of Tony.

Like all the heroes who are "not doing business",Jinshan Yinshan in the Iron Man’s home is also handed over to the confidant to manage.


Top1.Black Panther 90.7 trillion

It’s better to have a mine in your home.

Ten thousand years ago, a meteorite fell into Vakanda,This rare metal absorbs sound, kinetic energy and other vibrational energy and is therefore also called "Vibranium."

According to the 607th words of "Fantastic Four" and the comics of "DoomWar",Vacanda has almost 10,000 tons of Vibranium reserves, with a total value of more than 90.7 trillion. Add up more than the sum of global GDP.

Have the comprehensive national strength of such an enviableIt is no wonder that Vacanda is pretending to be a poor and backward third world country.

the end.

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