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What did Vision and Scarlet Witch ‘s love is heart-tormenting more than Movie?

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Two months have passed, and the PTSD left by the Thanos is still plaguing many Marvel fans.
The fans of Thor and Loki had been crying over at the beginning, but who can accepted the fans anguish about the Ant-Man and Iron Man, Captain America and Winter Soldier?
The most painful pair is the Scarlet Witch and the Vision

On the one hand, it is a fan of Paul Bethany and Aomei. On the other hand, the Russell brothers left the life of Wanda and Vision and arranged for the climax of the third's Full of malice

And it hurts like hell……

So, is the love story of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch in the comics really like  the movie version is heart-tormenting?

For this question, please see the next article...

He is the killer of the Ultron creation, and has a lot of hatred with the Marvel's The Avengers.

She is a magical mutant who plays for the Magneto, and humans are not allowed.

The fathers taught them to kill and hate, but never told them how to love.

In the 76th words of the Avengers V1 in 1970,Vision and the Scarlet Witch meet by fighting.

At that time, the Vision had become an avenger, and Wanda later abandoned the dark.

a mutant, a synthetic person,Both of us in misfortune go from shore to shore.

They found dependence on the other side.

This is love, it is unspeakable.

Soon, the two released their love affair, and the Avengers offered their most sincere wishes to the lovers.

However, Wanda’s younger brother, Quickbank, strongly opposed this affair: “Are you teasing me? You fell in love with a robot? I am the owner of the family, I forbid you to associate with him!”

“He is not a robot, he is more human than you are!”

Ironically, Miss Crystal, who is going to marry the Quicksilver, is also not human...

Although the party was not happy, although  Quicksilver never gave them blessings, Vision and Wanda decided to entrust the happiness of the second half to each other.

On June 1, 1975, it was the day when the Vision and Wanda were overjoyed. After going through the trial of Dommam's hell, the Vision plucked up the courage to propose to Wanda, and did not hold much hope.

Wanda blushed and she agreed with the vision.Calm and calm vision on weekdays, was too excited to can’t say anything at the moment.

They immediately resigned and bought a house and started an marriage unashamed llife

Since then, the "talking toaster" has become a new nickname for illusion, only Wanda will call him that.

Wanda even used magic to create their children, one called Thomas and one called William.

the couple help each other when both are in humble circumstances and family and harmony

Vision and Wanda became the sweetest pair of fairy monks in The Avengers.

the happiness always comes too quickly and goes too quickly,In the after-expedition, the Vision was dismembered by the villain, and the from the eyelashes to toes were split into countless parts.

Although Dr. Pim eventually revived the Vision, he could not give him feelings and souls. The former "talking toaster" completely became a metal shell with no color, no personality, no temperature.

The two children of the Red Witch are not her flesh and blood, it's the fragments of souls that have been lost from the Hells of the Hells, and their souls have been taken away by Memphisto, and Thomas and William have evaporated from this world.


The husband lost his memory, the child disappeared, as a wife,mother,and a woman the Wanda was collapsed...

However, regarding the child's truth,she wanted to tell Wanda before the Vision had been dismembered.

“you are a damn toaster”

“they’re not real?what are you?who are you?to tell me they’re not real”

“you’re not real!”

In 1989, the 14-year marriage between Wanda and Vision came to an end.

After separation, Wanda go at in the embrace of “Wonder Man” After all, the Vision that was once created was created by the brainwaves of the Wonder Man.

when The Vision after the restoration of memory ,returned back to Wanda,

though the Vision had an ambiguity story with the surprise captain Carol and the Mantis.

Although no longer a husband and wife, Wanda still calls the Vision: "stupid toaster."

Still telling jokes that only they can understand....

After that, Wanda experienced two mental breakdowns because of the pain of losing her son.

One time due to riot of the members of The Avengers, the Vision was shattered into pieces by the irrational She-Hulk in the battle, and The Avengers was disbanded.

On another occasion, the reality was revised, and the phrase “Don’t have any more variants” caused the number of variants to drop by 90%.

Perhaps see Wanda is too pitifu, the writer finally arranged for Thomas and William to return to her side, they have grown into superheroes, William became a "witchcraft", and Thomas became "speed."

The Vision also experienced the ups and downs of life and death, and finally officially returned in the 19th remarks of the 2012 Avengers V4.

The separation of the two has 10 years

After the rebirth of the Vision, the first thing is to hold the collar of the old man, Magneto, and ask for the whereabouts of Wanda, but forget that he can hit him be molecule.

However, even if the son-in-law was disrespectful, Magneto let him go.

"After all, you are still the only person who can bring happiness to Wanda."

Wanda did not forget her "stupid toaster", but when she took the courage to come to the front of the Avengers building and she greeted her, It is the indifference of Vision

”This is not your home anymore,you don’t belong here.if that’s what you came here to you know”

“Yes I already know”

The Avengers companions on the side were silent, The surprise madam accused the Vision of being a jerk,and flew away with the sad Wanda.

On that day, everyone saw the cold, decisive, and ruthless of the illusion.

But when they didn’t see the moment when the Vision turned, the tears had already come out...

The story of the Vision and Scarlet Witch ‘s love Just like the Marvel version of "Blue Valentine's Day"How sweet it is when you are in love, how much pain you have when you say goodbye.

Although the story of "Vision" V3 in 2015 is even more sad, it can be seen that Vision and Wanda are still deeply in love with each other.Cutting constantly tangled is sadness Unforgettable

Times have passed and circumstances have changed As look back those unforgettable memories  , scenes of the past leap before my eyes

"Wanda Maximov, I love you"

And I love you too,you talking toaster

I hope that in "Re-Link 4", the Vision and the Scarlet Witch ‘s can be resurrected and get the perfect love which is also a solution to the troubles of many fans.

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Product Name: What did Vision and Scarlet Witch ‘s love is heart-tormenting more than Movie?

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