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What is the Resin Model Kit?

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It refers to the uncoated resin module suite, which is one of the collection models, and also one of the Japanese animation's periphery. The original English version is Garage Kits (GK), which is the meaning of Model Kits. The model kit, especially for the uncoloured assembly, requires a series of complex processes such as grinding, assembling and coloring. It is much more difficult than general model making, and the main material is resin. Later because of misunderstanding, attention has also been used as a means of finished products including all resin material humanoid works, but its original meaning is refers to the module coated. There is as a human, that all the collection of any character model. 

GK, the abbreviation of GARAGE KIT, literally means the meaning of the package. Because the complexity of the model is very difficult, so the price is generally very expensive. Because of the properties of the resin material, it is very suitable for very detailed details and characters. Most toys are semi-finished white mold factory, own grinding, assembly, color and a series of complex processes, and the difficulty is much greater than the general model. Solely from the color, painting tools need some knowledge of art and airbrush so expensive.

The doll is a saying coming from Hongkong, mainly referring to the meaning of dolls. In recent years, a similar doll has been gradually becoming popular. The doll is quite different from other dolls.
Toy doll personality era, even the toys will hold high the banner of personality, and the appearance of ugly, short of stature, devils, synonymous perhaps personality.
In addition, vinyl is a kind of toy materials, a little soft, have very good characteristics, generally used to do dolls, doll like CS very popular time is made of vinyl.
Scale model
It usually refers to a model that reduces the actual objects, such as cars, aircraft, ships, and other realities in a certain proportion. It's our common military model and the model of the car model. But it is clear that although the model is proportionate, it can not be considered as a proportional model and should be considered as a "role model".
Role model
The scope of the role model is the model of the characters in animation, comic, game, and movie. Such as the robot or the human model. Common is the GAD model, and all kinds of cartoon character model. (role model is a general term for a large class, so we often say that the figures and all kinds of finished goods belong to the category of role models).

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Product Name: What is the Resin Model Kit?

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