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In the 2099 Marvel, the Ghost Rider used electric chainsaws.

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 When the Marvel Heroes is cyberpunk, what will the style of it?

Let’s know about the "Marvel 2099"

In 1992, the "2099 Comic Universe" was born. Some of the Marvel characters we are familiar with were all cyberpunk, including the "Spider-Man 2099", the Destruction Doctor 2099, and the Punisher 2099. After that, the Fantastic Four, the Ghost Rider Popular heroes such as Hulk, X-Men and so on are also 2099.

 The 2099 universe was originally set up as a parallel universe independent of the 616 main universe, numbered Earth-928. Until the recent "Fantastic Spider-Man V3" and "The Ultimate Spider-Man" comics, its setting was changed to the future tense of 616.

With the continuous innovation of the American comic industry, the heroes of 2099 also experienced the retro style of the 1990s and the transformation of high-definition digital.

The time to test loyalty is here. Change an clothes. Do you still know these Marvel roles?

Spiderman 2099

The first Latino Spider-Man, scientist Miguel O'Hara, acquired the super power of Spider-Man in a scientific accident.

2099 Spider-Man's first-generation red and blue uniforms have a distinct "Mexico Day of the Dead" visual style, and the recent "new" uniforms are more futuristic.

The new clothes is made up of Kevlar and the unstable molecules. The boots come with propulsion and are top-notch technology from head to toe.

Punisher 2099

Similar to Frank's life, but the force value and technology indices have grown geometrically.

In addition to the high-tech equipment, Garros also has a 800-meter motorboat, which is quite cool.

The punisher 2099 is called Gallows.

DOOMGod 2099

The 2099 Doctor Doom is still the one we know, Victor Van Dum, but disappeared for 50 to 100 years. When he returned to Latvia, he found that it had changed to a new king.

After the defeat, the Dr. Destruction was mechanically transformed. Usually it is based on energy weapons. Only when all the memories are restored can the magic be used. It must be said that this setting is quite interesting.

The story of the entire series of comics is to say the Doctor Doom how returns to the throne, during this it is the speculation of  the true identity of the Doctor Doom.

Fantastic Four  2099

"Fantastic Four Heroes 2099" is the shortest of the entire 2099 series, and only 8 section will be over.

Hulk 2099

A film producer is transformed into a future version of Hulk. It doesn't look too scary. It is actually a positive role.

Daredevil 2099

It’s not the future version of Ma’s lawyer, but the grandson of Kim’s, Sam Fiske.

The 2099 version of the Daredevil does not have any super powers, only relying on a high-tech warfare suit.

X-Men 2099

Almost of them we can't know

Moon Knight 2099

The female Moon Knight, in the Alien family's hometown of Atitlan, the true identity is still a mystery.

Ghost Rider 2099

A hacker uploads his consciousness into the network before he dies. After the resurrection, he uses the mechanical body as a prosthetic limb and incarnates the future version of the "Ghost Rider."

The real name of the 2099 Evil Knight is called Kenjiro, but his friends call him "zero."


His mechanical body is made of carbon steel silicon. If it is not a fire on his head, it looks like a Terminator at first glance.

His right hand can be a ceramic graphite composite electric saw, which is extremely resistant to high temperatures.


The left hand is a multi-molecular nano-alloy claw, similar to the composition of the liquid robot in Terminator, and the cutting ability has reached the sub-molecular level.

Among all 2099 heroes, the Ghost Rider is undoubtedly the most cyberpunk.

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Product Name: In the 2099 Marvel, the Ghost Rider used electric chainsaws.

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