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Why choose us

1. Quality
A. The raw material of our resin is mported from Taiwan' and the model: 2126, the paint is certified by GSG, The products pass EN71 standard and have iso 9001 certification
B. processing: the white embryo has been sprayed with oil for three times
C. Quality inspection: 100% quality inspection, support customer or third party to inspect the goods


2. Efficiency
A. samples:
1. The guest to provide image: 5 days can see the mud sample,
2. The guest to provide 3 d figure :2 days to make model, completes the finished goods for 7 days and 20 days to complete the general number of finished products


3. The service

A. 24-hour customer service online
B. Offer quotation within one day

Provide the latest process by images and viedos

1.If there is any damage, it is the responsibility of this division. We will prepare the goods for 1-3% of the goods to be prepared for the guests.
2. If it is our reason, the cost of the damaged part will be returned or the quantity of damaged goods will be returned.


4. Team
A. A professional sales team of 15 people
B. Art designer, sculpture designer, painting and 3D modeler with 20 years experience
C. there are five senior quality inspectors


5. Website

A. Anime figure website(promotion of resin statue products)
B. Products include: anime statues, film character statues, character game statues, statue figures, classic collectable action figures


6. Product use

A. Collectable action figures toy
B. Statues for home decor /  statue figures
C. Anime resin arts collectable

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