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We have more than 12 years of statue design and manufacturing experience, engaged in high-end custom film and television resin statues, each process Seiko production to


ensure product quality. Provide production plan and view factory production in real time.





 12 8 6 20000


12 years statue manufacturer 8 production process 6 quality testing 20000 customized cases








We provide custom and OEM services, which can also be customized according to customer requirements.








Custom figurines 1、Inquiry
(A)24 small online timely reply.
(B)Reply to relevant product quotations within 12 hours.




                                     2、Custom Design model
                                     (A)Provide OEM and custom services to meet the special design needs of customers.
                                    (B)Provide custom design services and customize according to the design drawings provided by the customer.




Anime resin statues 3、Team
(A)Art designer, sculpture designer, painting and 3D modeler with 20 years experience.
(B)Sales team: a 15-member professional foreign trade elite sales team.




                                     4、Produce Custom figurines
                               (A)Adopt advanced multimode equipment and traditional craftsman technology for many years.            
                                   (B)Art designer, sculpture designer, painting and 3D modeler with 20 years experience. 




Anime resin statues 5、Test
(A)8 production process.
(B)6 quality testing.




                                     6、Manufactured Goods Design model
                                  (A)Years of craftsman technical customization production to ensure product quality.           
                                       (B)Each production link is tested and confirmed.                                         




Anime resin statues 7、Pre-shipment Inspection
(A)Ensure the dimensions, tolerances and workmanship are correct.
(B)Product packaging quality testing.




                                     8、Finished goods shipment Design model
 (A)Mode 1: air transportation.                                        
   (B)Mode 2: shipping.                                                          




Custom figurines 9、After-sale service
(A)If you have any question,please contact us,we will solve the first time.
(B)Receive feedback from product praise oh!


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