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Do you know any other uses besides collecting movie figures?

Do you know any other uses besides collecting movie figures?

In the eyes of comic book fans, anime statues are mostly used as collectibles, and few people use statue models elsewhere. After all, not all people are tuhao. You know, the value of every real statue is extremely expensive. If you only buy defective products may be able to afford, you may still be able to afford, but the quality of defective products is clearly not suitable for collection, and many anime model are limited, let alone out for use. Even the collection is very careful.

However, if the use of statues is only for collection and viewing, it will seem a little thin. If you do not share it with everyone, do you feel that there is some value missing? do you know what these expensive anime statues are useful besides collecting them? On this question many netizens gave an answer, you can try to use the statue to make a micro-film, in addition to the cost of the statue, there will be almost no other expenses, and definitely can be popular throughout the audience.

As for the choice of actors can be based on their favorite animated statues to decide, and even meet completely impossible to meet animated characters together, it is a little exciting to think about it. The following small scene brings you some netizen self-made anime model statue small scene, make sure you will find it very interesting, although there is still a lot of room to rise from the production of the film, but from these small scenes can be seen to let these handheld devices as protagonists to make micro movies, maybe it can be achieved.

This little partner is not simple. The statue of all the members of the Avengers seems to like the widowed sister very much, but it is not usually shown. Unfortunately, in the Fulian 4, the widowed sister received a bento, and did not know when she would be able to resurrect. From the small scene made by the netizens above, it is obvious that Hulk is still very strong. One person controls a lot of heroes. It is estimated that if we really do our best, we will not be able to snatch him. I do not know if you have noticed the man on my sister's head. This is not the reunited character, but the famous Batman. This ability to grab a picture is really unexpected.

Haha, these four guys were so funny that they formed a group to peek  Except for Spider-Man, who had been wearing masks, the expressions on the faces of the other three were very appropriate. To tell you the truth, I miss seeing Uncle Wolf suddenly. After all, Uncle Wolf hasn't appeared in the movie for a long time.


The Hulk, who wanted to perm his curly hair, attracted the attention of many Avengers to see if even Thor could not help taking a picture of Hulk's hair, perhaps for fear that Hulk's hair was too strong. Iron Man and Captain America also brought evil spirit knights to help. I just don't know if this hellfire can have an effect on Hulk's hair.

Even superheroes have their own childhood, although now everyone has become heroes to save the world, but childlike innocence, is this Thor hammer as a sandbag, are you sure everyone can pick it up?



After watching the small scenes made by these netizens' anime model, do you now think you can put these scenes together and make a pretty good micro-movie, as for dubbing yourself to find a few friends on it?



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