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Anime Penn Providence statues that attract attention

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Everyone for their childhood memories, the most profound memory should be playmates, people who have seen animation are deeply attracted by the once classic, this is one of the playmates of many young friends, especially Japanese anime, but also the kind of serial up to more than ten years, such as "King of thieves", "Naruto" and so on, these animations have been accompanied by the healthy growth of everyone. So the king of thieves is still updating, but the Fire Shadow is over, and the dream of a generation is coming to an end.





When we pay attention to these animations, we will naturally notice some handmade products about animated statues, such as the products around the animation, and so on. So far, the field of animation statues has been developed. Animated characters have also become an integral part of mansion life. As a result, these friends are also posting their handheld collections online, exploring the value of handheld collections with each other.




Back to the statue itself, in general, it can give people a sense of domineering, it can be said that this is a scene, divided into two parts, one is its own way, the other is the background behind, this is the Buddha head statue of Yuyin Village, this is the place where Tiandao often sits quietly, and it is also the place where he peeps at the whole Yuyin village.





I remember the way of heaven once said, "Don't be arrogant anymore." This is God's warning.





In this context, many details are well done, some of the fine cracks in the sculpture are clearly and vividly displayed, and the steel pipes of both places are vividly made. After all, this manual model is not cheap.





Look at the shape of Penn Providence, one foot hanging in the air, the other foot on the tongue of the sculpture, essentially showing the domineering nature of Penn Providence, the camera closer to some of the faces of, Penn Providence handled very well, I have to say, as long as friends who pay attention to fire shadow see this hand, it will not suppress the impulse to collect, it is really too delicate. ".

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Product Name: Anime Penn Providence statues that attract attention

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2/F,1st Building, No.57 -1 Huancheng South Rd, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China

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