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China resin industry development

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Resin Crafts, also known as Polly (POLY), is a thermosetting plastic. Its good plasticity, strong performance, can be made of all kinds of lifelike, colorful craft gift or practical gadgets, gifts and many more Western cultural themes, for holiday gifts or modeling, such as Christmas gifts, gifts of gratitude , Flowers and plants, bonsai, animals, figures, etc .; appliances category of handicrafts both decorative and practical, the main varieties are strap, the clock hanging, photo frames, pots, furniture, toys.
Resin crafts from the early 20th century originated in Europe, Italy as the main producing areas, is a labor-intensive industries, after the reform and opening up spread to mainland China. At the turn of the eighties and nineties, its profit reached 200% -300% of the profit level. From 1993 to 1997, China's resin industry is the golden age of development, Fortune overnight, but also gave birth to many large and small resin manufacturers. Some of these enterprises took the opportunity to quickly embark on the road to expansion, and the scale of production is constantly expanding. As a result, the production profits of enterprises are getting bigger and bigger as snowballs. Under this circumstance, a batch of outstanding enterprises with the tax payment of over 1 million yuan started to emerge and quickly occupied part of the market share, occupying a certain dominant position in the then national resin handicraft market. In the late, is the resin industry profits era.
Since 1998, the profits of the resin handicrafts industry have shown a downward trend. During this period, China resin crafts industry has experienced some impact, especially the impact of the financial turmoil in Southeast Asia. The real blow was the 911 incident in 2001, after which the resin handicrafts industry plummeted. As China's resin handicrafts mainly through the United States entrepot trade, exporting countries are mainly the United States, Europe, South America, Peru, Chile and some other countries and regions. Therefore, when the 911 incident occurred, the export of resin handicrafts in China was hit hard. Resin producers suffered heavy losses and the profits of the entire industry dropped sharply. It is reported that at that time, resin can be sold for a penny per gram even if it is very good, and some can only sell about 0.8 cents. As a result of the marked drop in the unit price of products, the profit margin of manufacturing enterprises has directly led to a serious decline. Most of the manufacturing enterprises are in a marginal state while others can barely maintain the balance of payments. Some enterprises start to suffer losses and some smaller ones Workshop can only be closed down, to bite their teeth over support, production dropped to half the previous. Some high-quality operators, but also feel the stones across the river, step by step to expand the plant, adding equipment, the introduction of management personnel, expand production capacity, companies will continue to develop. Most enterprises, or inevitably sink

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Product Name: China resin industry development

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