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Custom Fire Shadow Whirlpool Naruto Resin hand-made Model

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Naruto's protagonist, his resin manual model is also very popular with fans. In order to realize his dream and hold on to the shackles of his partners, Naruto continued to practice and became more powerful. As a disciple of Gilaya, one of Moyer's "three stooges", he constantly broke through himself in the process of pursuing his dreams, walked out of his own road of tolerance, and won the recognition of the people. Finally, they ended the war with the Ninja Alliance and Uchiha Sasuke and Ninja, brought peace to the ninja world, and realized their dream of becoming a fire shadow (seven generations of eye fire shadow) and a ninja hero.


Naruto's faith is very firm, he has always believed that people can find light and justice, but also very rational, understand that the road of justice "is not an easy road, walking on that road will encounter countless difficulties and obstacles." he also attached great importance to friendship with his companions, and put Kakashi's motto "in the ninja world, those who cannot accomplish their tasks are rubbish." Those who abandon their companions are not as good as losers.

Custom Fire Shadow Whirlpool Naruto Resin hand-made Model

Naruto resin statues are designed and printed in 3D, using high-end environmentally friendly resin materials, because of the characteristics of resin materials, very suitable for the performance of very detailed details and character characteristics. The manual process of resin animation is very complicated, which requires craftsmen to go through a series of complex processes, such as hand grinding, assembling, coloring and so on, and the difficulty is much more difficult than the general model making. Just from the coloring point of view, the need for a certain art skills and jet pen, air pump and other expensive painting tools, through different paint characteristics, Naruto extremely subtle skin texture and props material deepening performance and strengthening, so that Naruto this hand-made model with perfect texture and realistic image to show. The manual processing process is all manual, so the price of the finished product is also relatively high.
Naruto resin statues according to the original design of the resin character model, we can see that the work is very good in line with the image characteristics of Naruto, vigorous posture, but also really restored the original character of the iconic heroic temperament and indomitable character. The overall shape is very handsome, blond hair is natural, Naruto clothing patterns, clothing and other elegant style, exquisite in place, fully showing the heroic demeanor of the characters. This kind of accurate and perfect animation character presentation, is precisely to meet the needs of high-end animation fans: the more accurate the description, the more fine the workmanship, the more able to meet their collection desire.

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Product Name: Custom Fire Shadow Whirlpool Naruto Resin hand-made Model

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