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A professional team of resin statue manufacturers

A professional team of resin statue manufacturers

Good art is not only imagine,But also talent creation.Our main art team numbers are following:



 Position: chief designer


Obsessed with drawing, Mr. Li has been pouring a lot of time and energy in drawing and then he started 3D sculpting because of being unsatisfied with 2D dimensional effect of drawing. In 1993, Mr. Li entered sculpting field and engaged in drawing design, sculpting and etc and soon showed his talent in the drawing and design of cartoon characters. Adhering to the concept of excellence and the pursuit of perfection, he stands out  in this field. In 1998, he completed his first design of cartoon character sculptures and got good comments from customers. Extensive, diverse forms and unique style of his works successfully won him love and praise from international markets. In 2015, entrusted by a English company, Mr. Li designed a cartoon robot, which is well received and sold tens of thousands in a short time.  







PositionPrototype Sculptor


Starting from 1993, Mr. Hu has been in this field for more than 20 years. He is good at sculpting various lifelike animals. His works won him consistent praise from foreigner customers and are commented that they are not just simple handicrafts but with life.











Position:painting master


With more than 20 years experience, Mr. Yuan has formed his own style in painting, He uses color boldly and make every product with unique visual perception. He is such painter who give life to sculptures.












Name :Mr.Liang

Position: large sculpture sculptor


Mr. Liang has been engaged in sculpting large sculptures since 1995 and has a significant achievement thanks to his experience. In 1998, he completea 5 meter high General statue for the first time. In 1994, he finish In 1995 to enter the character carving industry, has been engaged in large-scale statue carving, more than 10 years of work experience, so that he has a small achievements in the arts carving sector. In 1998 the first completed a 5-meter-high  large general statue.In 2000, he completed 100 works which called Tibetan Antelope.








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