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When the punisher wears steel armor, the whole world must yield to him.(I)

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Speaking of humans with super powers, DC has Batman, and that is the infamous punisher Frank Caso.Commonly used gun munitions, top fighting consciousness and extraordinary fighting skills make him the most feared existence of all criminals.This time, the punisher got the war armor developed by Iron Man, so what will he do?

The story takes place after the second Civil War and Secret Empire.Iron Man, who had been unconscious in the second civil war, returned, and the war machine Colonel Rhodes was also resurrected.

With the evil Captain America, Hydra High Commander Steve Rogers was detained.SHIELD disintegration,Frank, who had been deceived by Captain America and mistakenly joined the Hydra, was determined to wash his past sins.

The night of heavy snow was illuminated by the explosion and the fire.

Frank has just slaughtered a whole gang of Chenaia (a dictatorship country of Marvel's fiction). New York City does not need military traffickers to mess up.

He dragged his tired steps to the van, but he was keenly aware that there was someone in the car.

Pulling out the pistol just got ready to go, opened the back door, but saw it...

“do you live in there Frank?Where do you go to the bathroom?”

Nick Fury, the former director of the SHIELD, is drinking hot cocoa safely, and his high-pitched on the modified platform full of weapons is not pleasant.

Obviously, the one-eyed dragon must have something to do with his help.

After the disintegration of the SHIELD, many agents smashed the front armor of the bureau and defected to Chenaya.And become the heeler of the dictator Petrov.

Because of the international relations involved, the American Avengers are not convenient to directly intervene in the dispute.A rush to interfere in internal affairs may lead Petrov to directly launch a nuclear war.So Fury hopes that the punishers can solve these spy.

But obviously, it is impossible for Frank to complete the task alone,so the foxy one-eyed dragon without support. decided to give him a surprise.

The US Air Force Base, which harbors a secret weapon, is enough to cope with Petrov’s entire firepower...

war machine

At this time, Fury did not realize that he had made a big mistake.

No matter who believes in Frank's combat ability; but he hates the character of hatred, but no one can control it.

Fury suddenly realized that the big thing was not good, and severely warned the punisher. "listened! Once the mission is completed, immediately return the armor!"

"Get out of the way!"

With a loud bang, a pale gimmick slowly emerged in the yellow sand.In the eyes of the soldiers of Chena, this figure that emerged from the sandstorm is like a messenger of hell, full of murderous, cruel and terrible.They prayed for forgiveness and blessing to God, but their prayers have long lost their meaning.

Frank won the armor of the war machine. For the first time in a long time, the punishers were armed to the teeth. He has ample firepower, steel armor and strong energy.


To be continued





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Product Name: When the punisher wears steel armor, the whole world must yield to him.(I)

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2/F,1st Building, No.57 -1 Huancheng South Rd, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, China

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